The boundaries paradox – and how ultimately you do what you want

All we really have in life are choices.

That’s it!

All we do, the things we achieve, the decisions we make are only to do one thing and one thing only… to broaden the choices we have.

However, no matter how big or small our choices, they’re ours to make nonetheless.

It is our true and only freedom in life. In fact, waking up and living every day is the ultimate choice.

My client this week, Anne, came to me to talk about the relationships she has and the boundaries she doesn’t have.

My question to you today, is, do we need boundaries at all?

Our boundaries give us the ability to say NO to things that we don’t want and they also give us the ability to say YES.

But how far should we take these boundaries and are they stopping us from really connecting with another person?

The stronger you build your boundaries, the weaker you are to live in the moment. Read that again…

You see the stronger your boundaries, the more rigid you are. More importantly, it’s an indicator that you have something that is not resolved, something you are not facing.

What are you not facing?

One of the strongest elements of nature is water. It can bring down mountains with sheer force OR can slowly shape them over millennia.

It can be fierce and powerful or gentle and flexible.

Which leads to the question..

How do you choose to break the rocks in your life?

Do you choose to be water to flow with flexibility?

Or do you choose to be a hammer to break the rocks?

As always, the choice is always yours.

However, let me offer a third way..

As mentioned – boundaries can be important, but they shouldn’t be rigid.

A hammer can be a great tool to break or smash something, it can also be an incredible tool to SHAPE something, if it has a tool in-between, like a chisel. With lots of tiny hits of the hammer on a chisel, it can create great works of art.

That’s exactly what a coach does. A coach knows where to tap and how hard and they turn clients into beautiful sculptures.

If you find yourself rigid and struggling with setting or maintaining boundaries or failing to be assertive.. reach out.

Let us catch up for a quick FREE chat Here.


Manna (the Chisel) Abraham

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