How a Former Chief Inspector After 23 Years, Finally Resolved Crippling PTSD

This is why I do what I do! This will bring a tear to your eyes..

Today I want to share the most amazing story with you, Trust me, you don’t want to miss it.

Former Detective Chief Inspector for Surrey Police in the UK. You can watch his full story here.

Dean to the outside world seemed to have it all together, probably a lot like you. He tried to resolve his PTSD for over 20 years, seeing 5 different psychologists, countless therapists and taking a myriad of medications. For a while, it seemed it worked. However, he was using unhealthy practices to mask it and never truly resolving it. Dean would throw himself into his work and try to ignore the debilitating thoughts and feelings in his head.

But almost inevitably, he’d get to the point of breakdown and thoughts of ending his life would emerge again. Dean would hope the traditional therapies would help this time. And when they inevitably didn’t, he would just think he was too broken to be fixed.

Maybe you’ve experienced the same thing. Seems like every time you try to resolve it, you end up feeling even worse than you did before, feeling like you are broken and beyond help.

It’s frustrating. It’s disappointing. And it’s a little bewildering to look around and see all of these other people who make it look so easy and evolved. It kind of makes you wonder, what do these other people have that you don’t have? Why are they able to live happily? When you’ve been trying for weeks, months or even years… and it just doesn’t work for you? Are these other people special somehow?

The answer is no, the others aren’t special. Most of them are just like you and Dean. But what’s different between you and these other people is that these others have discovered one simple trick for overcoming crippling fear.

Remember how I said Dean tried and failed many times? Well, eventually Dean was able to thrive, to feel real joy and to look forward to his life. But it didn’t happen until he did this unique program. And once he resolved it, it’s like everything fell into place.

This really works. And I’m not just saying this because it’s worked for Dean. It has. But I’ve also shared it with countless other people just like you who’re all raving because they’re finally feeling the freedom from the past that was holding them back that they so desperately needed.

Here’s what Dean said about his success: “Manna was able to resolve in just 3 sessions what other professionals hadn’t been able to do for the last 23 years. I had been told to just work out how to live with it. I was skeptical, but Manna changed all that for me”.

Watch Dean’s full testimonial here


The good news is that you can enjoy the same results! And that’s because you can also resolve your fears, dissolve your past and look forward to the future just like Dean.

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See you soon,

Love Manna,

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Personal Breakthrough with Manna-Dean Hollands,Former Detective Chief Inspector,Surrey Police,Uk Click on the image below.


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