4 fears that are keeping you stuck..

Thank you for attending today’s session on career stagnation and the role of trauma.

In brief, we discussed how your past decisions and beliefs manifest as the fear of losing freedom or the fear of being left out if you are not submissive or dominating.

And all these fears can have their roots in the following 4:

– Fear of Authority
– Fear of Responsibility
– Fear of Success
– Fear of Failure

Observe your internal dialogues about being different or easy or an achiever. They hold the key to your stubborn identities.

We also looked at how the future you created in the past can cause you to feel stuck or stagnate and how creating new decisions will lead to either confusion or conflict in yourself or others around you.

Be open to that small box inside waiting for the next adventure.

The trick is in learning to negate the decisions and choices that you created in the past but no longer serve you, just as you take pride in not being the naive younger version of yourself.
Listen to your inner box..


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