3 reasons why you are stuck in career

Have you ever experienced a stuck state in your career?

Sudden loss of employment or redundancy or offers or contracts not finalised in spite of your best efforts.. sounds familiar?

Besides networking skills, soft skills, technical skills, excellent HR & resume skills, passion, purpose & so on, there is another significant reason why you experience this stuck state.

Let us take Ken & Linda.. experienced professionals with more than a decade of experience in their industry. Very efficient, own their job and not lazy bone in them.

Yet, Ken was made redundant and Linda was waiting for years expecting pay rise and promotion.

Ken is now working two casual jobs and Linda is dissatisfied with her life because she is not living to her full potential.

What is happening here?

Ken & Linda believe they are self-sabotaging themselves and they are not good enough.. but do you think that’s true?

I will share with you three reasons today to unpack this..

  1. Change of Identity: The reasons that motivated Ken & Linda to take up these jobs a few years ago, do not exist anymore. And they are not the same people who they were 10 years ago. 
  2. Confusion: When the identity shifts happen, the nature of the mind is to cling to the known, which manifests as procrastination, anxiety, fear of failure and so on. While they are deeply aware that it’s time to move on, they don’t and they can’t for fear of survival. 
  3. Internal Conflict: Chaos is normal when identity transitions take place. They first start in the depths of your mind and take a while to come to the surface for you to notice & accept. The time it takes is the period of conflict.This period brings to the surface all the identities that they had to avoid to become who they are today.

When your mind wobbles, everything around you wobbles too…

And unless you make a choice and take that decision, your mind influences the environment around you.

You will manifest delays and redundancies.

Can you see that now?

So how to overcome this?

Face your fears and shift your mind from rigidity to flexibility.

And start with observation & self-enquiry instead of choosing to place yourself in the victim mode.

I will share a few more reasons in the next newsletter and we will explore them together in October. Let’s talk trauma – Career stagnation.

For now, reflect on your fears, anxieties and worries and take those decisions that you have been procrastinating for so long.

The next Let’s Talk Trauma is on 6th October 07 AM ACDT, I will be talking about how your career is held back by your past trauma and experiences and how you can remove these blocks and excel in your role or move to a more empowering life

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