Dis-Ease Physical or Psychosomatic?

One of the questions I often get asked by my clients ” Am I the only one who is stuck for so long?”

No you are not.

The disease is Dis – Ease.

According to Ayurveda, even minor disturbances in the mind are deeply influential, with the potential to compromise the quality of our lives, and to cause any number of diseases—physical and otherwise.

And every dis-ease has 6 stages.

Stage 1 : Accumulation

Stage 2 : Aggravation

Stage 3 : Dissemination

Stage 4 : Localisation

Stage 5 : Manifestation

Stage 6 : Disruption

The most debilitating emotion I see in my clients is fear. So eliminating fear is crucial for us to be able to move out of the survival mode and into the growth mode required for vibrant health.

If we can attend to any of the mental diseases or disturbances sooner than later, you don’t have to stay stuck in it and you will prevent these disturbances from manifesting in your physical body.

However, if someone approaches me in one of the last two stages, it takes longer than usual and as I mentioned self-discipline and wisdom play a major role.

But how do you know which stage you are in?

1. Are you physically exhausted and falling sick often?

2. Are your relationships strong enough to hold you or are you holding onto them?

3. Are you sleeping well and eating well?

4. Are you easily triggered and quick to fall into emotions?

If you said YES to more than two, I suggest to reach out for help and at least understand yourself where you are so you can take immediate action.

Here is my Calendly invite should you want to catch up for an assessment. At least you will know where you are and the immediate steps that you can take to come out of this stuck state.


If every disease begins in the mind. Where is the mind?

I will discuss this in my next week’s newsletter..



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