Respect Beats Love & Compassion

Respect beats Love & Compassion!!

I posted this last week and received requests to explain this statement.

To begin with, do you ever love anything or anyone without wanting anything for yourself or without a memory of the past?

If you said “Yes”. You can stop reading this right now.

But if you said No or Maybe, this is for you.

Where there is a want, there is an attachment or avoidance of an idea or a concept.

Be it belonging, connection, family, independence or freedom.

Can you now see how hard it is to truly “love” without an expectation or intent to morph the other being the way you want to see it or want it?

And compassion is the tool to not expect or control. In other words, compensation.

However, where there is respect, you expect but you don’t choose to get hurt.

Like your breath or heartbeat.

You know you don’t exist without it. Yet you don’t worry about it and you don’t “love” it.

You respect nature knowing it is unpredictable.

And you know you cannot control it. So, you build your life around it and not with it.

You don’t suffer because of the disappointment of what nature did to you, instead, you suffer the consequences or outcomes of your own attachments and perceived loss.

You neither hate nor love nature. Do you?

Are fellow human beings not nature if you remove the labels of relationships and your fears?

So, the question is: Is it easy to love or respect without expectations and suffering?

Love to know your thoughts.

Manna 🙏

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