Why do you suffer?The key to freedom from suffering!!

Once you realise the essence of self and ego, you will find that healing & coaching are another set of bandaid tools.

But in order to heal and truly recover, you must first stop the bleeding.

And that’s the role of healing & coaching.

Often, I am asked if there is a long-term solution to the suffering.

My view on suffering: Suffering doesn’t exist when you shift your consciousness from it.

And as long as you are conscious of it, suffering is real and you can spend a lifetime to free yourself from it while you are in it.

The key to freedom from suffering lies in just two things:

๐Ÿฆ‰Ego &


However, we often overlook the simple solutions believing that only complex solutions can solve complex problems.

We believe that we are ordinary and nobody if our lives are simple and problem-free.

We doubt the genuinity of gifts that come our way with no effort.

We believe self-awareness is only possible through tough methods and rigorous processes..

However, believe it or notโ€ฆ the solution is simple.

๐Ÿ“ฟTame your ego with self enquiry

๐Ÿ“ฟRaise your energy by mastering your breath


As long as you are seeking healing & coaching because you are stuck, your journey towards the solution hasn’t started yet.

But the journey towards self-realisation begins with curiosity and search.

And once you realise the essence of ego & self, you don’t suffer anymore.

Instead, you enjoy the bliss without attachments or aversions.




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