Who is Your Perfect Partner??

Life presents the opportunities to constantly push the boundaries of thoughts and understanding to those who are willing to question the boundaries.

One of those boundaries that I questioned last week with a client was about a perfect partner.

Do you find one or do you mould one by moulding yourself? Is this entire pursuit of finding a perfect partner, a disguise to mould yourself to be the “one”.

What if your physical and emotional needs are different from that of your partner’s?

And what if you grow up to be two different individuals in your life’s journey?

Is it wise and is it possible to expect to get everything we need from one person?

Don’t we change as we experience life? Emotional intimacy and Physical intimacy are  very interdependent. Yet, many women  I coach choose to separate from their partners inspite of brilliant physical chemistry because their emotional needs are not met.And most of them compromise because of the conditioning, definitions, beliefs, kids, society, family etc etc.

Will you choose to separate if your emotional needs are met but your physical needs are not met?

And what options do you have?  If you do, will they be different for men and women?

What will you advise your loved ones if they come to you with similar questions?

Will this expectation from your so called partner change once you realise you are always more than enough?

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