Accept with Smile & Thank You!

Power fof Acceptance!

When someone compliments you as to how good you look in that picture. do you say ” So do you” or “It’s because of the light” ?

Or when someone appreciates you for your organising skills or negotiating skills, do you respond with “Ahh,, this is nothing compared to what you do”?

Or in response to a compliment on your beautiful scarf, do you respond with “It’s just $10 from xxxxxx”?

Isn’t it interesting to observe that majority of the individuals suffer from the fear of rejection or isolation and when someone does compliment, they deflect with laughter or a silly joke or a comment?

If only, we were taught acceptance as much as we were taught humility!!

Following on from what I mentioned in my message above, I never realised or acknowledged my transition from deflecting/underplaying a compliment to the point of acceptance with a smile and a thank you until last thursday till my good friend brought it to my attention.

Take this moment to accept yourself as you are and acknowledge you are worth all the appreciation. Nothing to Lose!!

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