Sexual Identity – What You are Not Been Told!


Last night we discussed “Is eating vegetables cannibalism?”

That was a fun yet introspective topic.

If all things have life and energy, then everything we eat is some sort of cannibalism.

Today, I would like to talk about sexual identity.

This is a really relevant topic and one that is at the forefront of society and the media at the moment. Although very prominent over the last few years, this isn’t new, it is in fact an ancient topic.

In India, many worship the deity –  Lord Shiva. He/she is a half man and half woman, who represents the feminine and masculine energy that we all possess within us. Also, he is the god of destruction, who destroys to recreate.

Native Americans have often held intersex, androgynous people, feminine males and masculine females in high respect, referring to them as “two-spirit” people. Rather than being seen as strange or weird, they were seen as religious leaders and teachers as they had the ability to see both the masculine and feline side of any situation.

In the male-centric Roman empire there are many accounts where the lines are blurred between male and female, even in high office where feminine expressions were vilified as immoral.

So if this isn’t the result of modern society ‘gone mad’, we have to explore it as part of our nature and part of our very being.

Recently, I have had many clients looking to explore their sexual identity and I see some quite brilliant humans who actually thinking on a higher level than most. Reaching an understanding and wisdom that surpasses many people of their age.

Although some are trying to find who they are or just want to know where they fit in the world and want to be accepted, some have actually transcended the distinction between the sexes and see all as beautiful humans and have the thought that a person’s mind is the most important thing.

That made me think, who am I?

Man, woman, woman with masculine energy, man with a woman’s body parts.

I am a woman just because I look like a woman, feel like a woman?

We take so many things for granted, clearly identifying ourselves as a man or a woman based on what: sexual organs, feelings, emotions?

Is this part of our identity and is it based on cultural, societal norms and expectations? If so, then surely we should try to question them just as we’ve questioned sexual equality in the workplace, acceptance of homosexuality etc?

Maybe it’s all down to identity and we should look to shed it and transcend to a higher level and higher vibration?

One of the most intelligent, deep and retrospective conversations I have had in recent months is with an awesome human who calls herself a transgender.

I wonder if we can only see through the external filters and see the magnificence of the person behind the labels.

This really cuts deep for most of us to examine what we see, know and understand about ourselves and others, especially when you happen to meet someone labeled transgender or someone questioning their own sexual identity…

Give yourself an opportunity to ask if you are too attached to your gender identity and why?

Maybe ‘trans’ isn’t short for transgender, transphobic or transsexual but means to ‘trans’cend.

Perhaps, the transgenders and the ones questioning their sexual identity are more evolved. Maybe we can’t understand them until we shed our labels and identities too!

What do you think?

Look forward to hear your thoughts and insights on the listening post next Friday, 08 Oct.

Take Care


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