How to Launch any business successfully P2

Hi there,

How did you go with the three questions to ask yourself before embarking on your new venture?

  • What do I really want?
  • What do I love to do?
  • Is that my strength?

Once you find an honest answer to the above three, then comes your next challenge.

THEN, you have to stay true and congruent to those answers.

Your values will not lie.

That is who you are at that point of time in your life.

However, what you are consciously striving for may be quite different.

Perhaps, the above three questions may lead you to study to be a lawyer, embark on a fitness journey or even not start a business at all.

But you may choose to do what others say just because your family has different expectations of you or your standing in your community may be impacted.

The key for a successful business launch is to stay true to your values and build a life congruent to them consistently.

And if your business is aligned to your values instead of others’ expectations of you, be assured you are on your path to success.

Join us for the entrepreneur’s secrets workshop on 06 October and we’ll show you how to do these steps exactly.

For your success,

Manna & Andy

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