Is Eating Vegetables Cannibalism?

Is Eating Vegetables Cannibalism?

Hi there,

Last night’s mind-body connection session on the listening post was brilliant.

One cannot exist without the other. And that’s perfectly aligned to today’s topic👇

Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian?

This has been my constant conundrum.

Growing up, my family ate meat & fish, but only once a week on a Sunday.

We were quite a health-conscious family. Our day started with herbal brews, oil pulling, and acupressure as part of our morning routine. Bread was always a no-no and whole wheat chapatis were only for dinner.

My aunt even used to fast for two days a week. This was before it became fashionable.

Later, I lived and studied in a city called Chennai for quite a few years and my very best friend is a vegetarian.

She had a big family of about 14-17 people, so you can imagine the amount of cooking in just one single day. They always believed that food is medicine and only ate very seasonal vegetables.

When I lived in another state in India, Kerala, there was not a single day without eating fried fish or beef. My partner’s grandmother lived to 91 with absolute good health and eyesight in spite of eating meat and fish, and always had a  packet of orange cream biscuits every day.

Another state in India calls fish a vegetable of the sea and fish a staple of their vegetarian diet.

In my travels outside of India, I have been exposed to steaks, sausages, fried chicken, burgers and salads, besides many other international cuisines that can be considered both healthy or non-healthy, depending on who you listen to.

So, which one do you believe is a healthy diet?

Strangely enough, my vegetarian friend lost close family members to cancer.

Diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity run in my family.

In Kerala, many suffer from arthritis and gout from too much uric acid in their body.

I couldn’t stop thinking about what makes the difference.

Why did my vegetarian best friend lose so many family members to cancer?

And that old lady lived to 91 absolutely healthy, eating processed sugars and meats every day.

Makes you think:

  •  If being vegetarian or non-vegetarian doesn’t give people long healthy lives, why do we hang onto these beliefs?
  •  If killing an animal is cruelty, is killing a vegetable and eating berries just the same?
  •  Is it food after all that makes the difference or is it the beliefs and emotions that make the difference?

Maybe we have to view eating as just an exchange of energy and nothing more.

Maybe it’s the diversity of thought and living.

Maybe we should listen to our bodies and mindfully enjoy food and live happily.

There are no right or wrong, just beliefs.

If you have any thoughts or beliefs on this subject, join us this Friday where we will discuss this topic in detail.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Have a great week.


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