How to Launch any business successfully P1 – The 3 questions you need to ask yourself before…….


Did you get to read last week’s blog on 8 phases to business success?

If you haven’t, I would recommend going through that first.

This is going to be a good introduction to the entrepreneurial journey.

The reason why I am aiming to give you a snapshot is because, too often, people get disappointed or demotivated when they don’t see the progress they want or when something is not happening as quickly as they’d wanted.

The entrepreneurial journey is no different from your meal planning.

You first decide on a diet.

  • Buy everything you need
  • Announce to the world
  • Start with excitement
  • Continue for a few days, maybe weeks
  • Get some early wins
  • Start losing motivation because the weight isn’t coming off as quickly as you’d like.
  • Drop everything

But what if I told you that losing motivation is part of the process and there is something beyond that?

There is much more to it and success is not in starting or continuing but in seeing it through.

So, today we will discuss the first step – launching your business.

Any ideas or thoughts as to where to start??


Yes, it starts with YOU and before you begin on any venture you should ask yourself these three questions:

  • What do I really want?
  • What do I love to do?
  • Is that my strength?

And yes, for a business to be successful, the challenge is not just to wade through a zillion ideas, but also to find your true message and your values.

In our 90 day bootcamp, we spend time digging into this at considerable length. Only by doing this can they align their business with their values and create a business they are passionate about and love to work in every day.

Set yourself some time aside this week and answer these fundamental questions above.

For your success,

Manna & Andy

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​The Key is finding “YOU” to run a successful business.

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