The Mind & Body Connection – How you manifest your illnesses!

The Mind & Body Connection – How you manifest your illnesses!

Six months ago, I chose to go through the process of detoxification with Ayurveda.

It’s a 14-day process and every day, there was a physical procedure and I was surprised to experience the lightness and clarity of thought as I progressed.

This ancient knowledge states that every disease in the body is first created in the mind.

While we all glorify the mind and the brain, my experience suggests otherwise.

The mind is just a label and the brain is not just in your head.

Your whole body is your brain – Period.

According to Ayurveda, the body is a crystallization of the mind. The mind plays a critical role in our overall health. In fact, mental toxins and unresolved emotions can lead to disease in very concrete ways.

Substances and energies move throughout the body via distinct channels—both physical and energetic.

I am not a doctor. However, when I am coaching clients suffering from backaches, chronic fatigue, MS or even bulimia, 9 times out of 10, they have suffered a significant loss or trauma in their life and they manifest these diseases in their bodies, as an inability to express anger or seek love and attention.

And once they resolve the emotional and mental blocks, they are at ease and often become pain-free.

The same applies to complex traumas too.

Your physical experiences are crystallised as memories in the body and simply bringing awareness to it can release the trauma almost instantly.

Think about when you’re in a stressful situation, often you may take a big deep breath and exhale, or you might even sigh loudly. This is your body’s attempt to expel the emotion from your body and return to homeostasis.

Science is beginning to catch up with these ancient beliefs. Doctors are now well aware of the effects that stress has on the body and the ailments that can result.

On another note, Yoga is another way of healing your body & mind. It’s not just about asanas or flexibility.

So, this week I urge you to adopt a lifestyle that allows you to cleanse your mind and body for at least 10 minutes a day to live a disease-free life.


It can be as simple as Yoga, Oil Bath, Silence, lighting a lamp, meditation or any ritual to bring mindfulness can be some of the useful tools to bring that alignment.

What do you think?

If you’d like to understand this more, join us on Friday’s listening post where we will go into this on a deeper level.

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Rest, Heal and Live Mindfully.



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