How trauma takes you closer to collective consciousness

The last 35 days have been very powerful, insightful and inspiring.

As the saying goes, when you think you lost your purpose, you just have to choose to focus on those lives to whom you can make a difference without being a rescuer.

And that was crystal clear through this trip.

Program participants in Washington State, US expressed the same view that this message should reach to many out there who are prisoners for life in the shadows of trauma through years and years of therapy.

Personal development is not just watching videos, reading books or sitting in silence for messages from higher self. That is definitely a beginning indicating the evolution but. not everything.

I see that many get stuck in that process learning more and more without really effecting the change.

The EMPR Method is not just a trauma healing modality.

  • It is a way of life living with consistent conscious choice and continuous self-enquiry
  • It is about building the capability to observe and redefine self-awareness
  • It is about developing the ability to mute ego, pride, judgements and expectations

Once you truly understand mind, body & energy, you will realise that trauma is an illusion too and is a fabrication of memory.

Please do not take that literally and get defensive if you experienced trauma. Instead, allow yourself to explore the subtle nature of the above statement.

From my experiences working with so many people afflicted by trauma, I realised that they are very close to the essence of consciousness and they are very aligned. to collective consciousness once they release the memories of trauma.

They are very aligned to the concepts of mind, body & energy instead of being stubborn to classify themselves as logical or emotional.

Perhaps that is the path laid out for those individuals through those tough experiences.

As I announced in July, I launched the program ” The Power of Innate Wisdom”

This program was conceptualised from the above thought and energy. It is not enough that you heal from the effects of trauma and understand the illusion, it is also important to learn to live with the new identities that you just created.

If you like to know more about this program and if you believe your trauma had a reason and purpose to propel you in your personal evolution, please schedule a call with me .

I look forward to speaking to you.



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