How you interpreted introversion so wrong!

This goes against the grain but it’s something to think about.

Introversion vs not willing to connect to people. There is a BIG difference.

Fear of starting a conversation, rigid personal boundaries, lack of social skills and so on can be the reasons for many to avoid people and connections.

Another reason can be sensitivity to people, chatter and their emotions

But there is a third reason that many are not aware.

People who genuinely are happy in their own company and their energy fields are so strong that they do not long for connections or conversations…

They too struggle with conversations because they don’t want to but not because they lack social skills or whatever you want to call it or name it.

Unknowingly, you might be disturbing their flow of energy.

A hug, touch and a chat are all forms of exchange of energy, where one is weak, it has to receive from the other to adjust the electromagnetic field..

Let them be and leave them alone. You don’t have to project your need for connection on those who enjoy their company and whose energy fields are naturally stronger. They will find their way.

And they are more connected than you can ever imagine or understand.

You can choose to go external through networking, chatting, building relationships for connections or can choose to go internal by choosing to strengthen your energy with proper breathing & movement, consistent conscious choice and continuous self-enquiry.

Next time you crave a connection or label someone socially awkward or an introvert-think twice.


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