Is your love language holding you back?

Dear all,

A few days ago, I posted this on Facebook.

“Your love language is your past hurt and a limiting belief”

And I received quite a few responses asking me to explain it further..

So here it is:

Your love language is your unmet emotional need. You can find a label and attach yourself to it or enquire with compassion and free yourself from that label. Because the truth is we like all the love languages at different times.

Sarah and Tom are two beautiful people and an amazing couple.

While Sarah is the go getter and driven to succeed, Tom comes across laid back and easy going.

They have an amazing relationship yet they are stuck in some areas of their life.

Nothing obvious to the external world though.

However, here is a little bit of background.

Sarah wants to save money for the future. She is expecting her partner to be like her dad who was rich. But in her childhood, she experienced that she was not a priority for her parents and they didn’t spend money on her or for her.

So that mind now decided to get a partner who is rich and who will also spend his money on her so she can feel that she is his priority.

While Tom on the other hand, coming from a very loving family where love mattered the most and money was never abundant, he believed that true love is to love someone even if they have no money.

And his ideal partner is someone who loves him even without money. So he never makes an attempt to make or save money because his basic needs are met.

Can you now see how they are driven and how that frames their template of relationship and love?

So for Sarah, her love language is receiving/giving gifts and touch while for Tom, his love language is touch and service.

Sarah wonders why is he so laid back and do not contribute for financial success and Tom wonders why Sarah is so driven to succeed while they have all their basic needs met.

Are they not loving each other?

Should we now let Sarah know her love language is gifting and touch while Tom’s is service & touch so they understand each other or can we also empower Sarah & Tom to transcend those love languages and empower them to be their best selves?

Do not stop by identifying yourself with something or someone.. because that is just the beginning.

If you can now self-enquire and make consistent conscious choices, there is emotional independence and freedom.

And then, love takes a completely different meaning..

Let me know your thoughts

Manna 🙏

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