Why Therapy Does Not Heal Trauma?

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When I meet someone for the first time who needs help with healing from trauma, they ask me if I am a therapist.

No, I am not just a therapist.

I understand mind, body & energy and how they are so interdependent & interrelated.

And I also understand how a trauma-afflicted mind works and how it works differently from a mind that didn’t experience trauma.

A trauma-afflicted mind is more receptive to the deeper concepts of mind, body & energy than a mind that never experienced it.

By no means, it is a blanket statement.

It is through suffering, the process of self-enquiry begins.

And this wisdom only comes to those who are seeking it.

Therefore, suffering is the stepping stone to personal evolution and very soon you will realise there is no suffering at all. It is just another perception and a conflict between what you want and what is happening around you.

Our past experiences and memories of it shape our ideas, definitions, perceptions, and choices and create thousands of identities. Not just one ego.

And these thousands of identities have conflicts too.

For example, a good mother loves her children and a good human is impartial and unbiased doing what is required and necessary for the overall good and not just for her children.

Another example is to have the wisdom to treat all humans fair in spite of the fact you were hurt by a man or a woman in the past.

Can you see the possible conflicts of these identities?

It takes courage, clarity and absolute honesty to yourself to come clean through these conflicts.

I hope by now you understand why therapy alone cannot help. It is the willingness of the mind to go beyond the surface and dive deeper.

It is this deeper understanding that helps you to heal and live a life beyond trauma.

Now how can you get there?

Is it through devotion, silence, yoga, meditation, qi gong, ice baths, adventures or breath work?

They are all tools that you need but that alone will not suffice.

Personal evolution comes with greater personal responsibility though it begins with healing.

And the secret is in accessing subtle but innate wisdom through observation and self-enquiry.

There is no magic bullet.

Are you searching for something like this?

Then you are in the right place to start your journey and its now time to get started.

Reach out!



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