5 case studies – Why are You Not Adequate or Enough

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In my previous email, I shared how inadequacy motivated changed and shaped the life of a civilisation, culture and nations.

But that is very much for a big-picture thinker or a visionary or a leader who wants to create impact on a big scale.

However, quite often we fail to manage our emotions in our day-to-day lives because we are too focused on the here & now worrying about the future that hasn’t happened yet.

Today, I will share with you five simple case studies to understand how inadequacy plays a role in your everyday life…

Case study 1: Lorie is upset that her husband does not listen to her.

Lorie’s inadequacy: Not listening to Lorie means she is not loveable.

Case study 2: Mary returned from a trip and complained about how her travel companions were selfish and ignored her completely.

Mary’s inadequacy: Mary believes she is a spoiled sport and is boring.

Case study 3: Alison is in love with this handsome man but cannot be intimate and truly express herself.

Alison’s inadequacy: Alison is afraid that being open and expressive in an intimate relationship means she is not a real woman.

Case study 4: Ben comes across as dominating and bossy at work and feels stuck in his career.

Ben’s inadequacy: Ben fears expressing his opinions at work and voicing his thoughts because he believes he is not knowledgeable like others.

Case study 5: Christian denies any opportunity that comes his way and does not know why.

Christian’s inadequacy: He believes when people get to know more about him, they will find out how useless he is.

Do you think those inadequacies are real?- No

Did they take it on voluntarily? – No

But they are real to Lorie, Mary, Alison, Ben and Christian.

In fact, inadequacies are the challenges that you once had to overcome but you never told yourself that was over.

What I just shared are the very basic yet challenging inadequacies. But how to turn it around?

If these are basic, what are those complex inadequacies that one assumes and remains a prisoner for life?

Love to know your thoughts.

Manna ❤️

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