Why mothers are the key to a world free of trauma….

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I was talking to a friend of mine in relation to Trauma Healing and what he said really stuck with me.

He said, if we want to make a change and transform generations, please reach out to the pregnant mothers.

We can make a real change with real results and stop Trauma in its tracks.

Isn’t that true?

I work with women of all ages. And 9 out of 10 times, mothers who talk about their daughters being abused experienced abuse themselves.

“Intergenerational trauma can negatively impact families because of Unresolved emotions and thoughts about a traumatic event. Negative repeated patterns of behaviour including beliefs about parenting. It affects self-worth and being abused becomes a subconscious norm as though you are an object to be used”

I do work with pregnant mothers and the bond we form is beyond words.

Quite often, pregnant mothers tell me that the baby is kicking as soon as they hear my voice, which is such a joy.

Deeper knowing that we just healed a generation is very satisfying and rewarding.

“A growing body of research suggests that trauma can be passed from one generation to the next. Trauma can leave a chemical mark on a person’s genes, which can then be passed down to future generations”

On this occasion of Mother’s Day, I urge you to talk to your daughters, mothers to be and women you know to reach out for help and heal trauma if they experienced any kind of abuse or trauma.

Trauma does not have to be exceptionally tragic. A stern NO from a parent can be a traumatic memory when the trauma is in the Genes.

You don’t have to relive the memories or spend years and years in coaching, counselling, healing, or therapy. It can be healed in a session.

Take care of yourself and know that you can play a role in stopping trauma in its tracks just by reaching out for help.

Here is the link for you to know more:


Let us take a moment to show our support and love to all the beautiful mothers who did their best with the resources that are available to them.

Let us stop judging and start understanding each other.

Love & Healing,





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