How to become a successful EMPR coach

Healing Trauma in less than an hour is my gift.

Many of my clients asked me how I do it.

Yes there are elements of NLP, Hypnosis, Past life regression, Accessing higher self, Root cause, Kinesiology, Energy healing, EFT and so on.

But  I must admit, honest answer was “I don’t know”. I attribute to Intuition and an inner knowing.

However, I decided to list down the steps and I realised, healing does not happen during or after I see my clients and this is not coaching.

It starts way before me seeing the clients.It starts with me and how I live.

That epiphany led me down the path of giving structure to how I think and how I scan people.

And this led me to create “The EMPR Method” backed by 27 dimensions of being, the program to crack the human code.

This transformational course breaks the human code and offers new ways of learning and living. 

27 dimensions of being & EMPR is a comprehensive program for transformation.

✔ Know the difference between coaching, therapy, counselling, and psychotherapy
✔ Understand what coaching does and doesn’t do and what other tools are needed to have a complete approach
✔ Know the difference between emotional coaching and motivational coaching
✔ Be able to articulate your approach
✔ Have a positive attitude and work ethic
✔ Learn how to be a great listener
✔ Have empathy for your clients and be aware of their feelings
✔ Learn to understand that people are not all the same
✔ Learn how to remove your ego
✔ How to develop an effective mindset
✔ How to use the power of intention
✔ How to become a better leader
✔ How to create a life that matters
✔How to get clear on who we really are
✔How to tap into our divine nature 
This course pulls back the curtains and shows you everything to create a successful life. Whether your goal is to understand yourself, have better relationships, grow your business, get more customers or clients, or make more sales, the answer is always the same. 

Everything you need to know from universal consciousness to individual consciousness, ancient wisdom of body & mind including chakras and philosophy of Yoga and how you can grow towards stillness/samadhi combined with modern science.

A holistic understanding of ego, consciousness, intellect , mind and human existence and understanding you are nothing and everything at the same time.

A tool that every individual must have to understand people, family and friends to have meaningful relationships and peaceful lives. 

If you are after giving lasting results to your clients as a coach, you need to understand and live a life of observer.

But how can you do that unless you unbecome who you became?

Being and unbecoming is healing.

Awareness and Observation is healing 

Don’t try. Don’t push .

If this sounds interesting or resonates with you,

Register Here for this free workshop this week, on 21 April Thursday 06.30 PM ACDT via Zoom where I will show you how we complicate the most simplest aspects of life.

To know more about EMPR Method and 27 Dimensions of Being, click Here 

Look forward to speak to you very soon.



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