The secret life of a “Giver”

Hi there,

This week, I would like to talk about isolation.

Do you isolate yourself when things are rough around you or in your life?

If you said “Yes”, you are not alone.

And rest assured, your identity is a “GIVER”

You may feel emotionally isolated despite having a social network.

That leads to depression, trust issues, anxiety and so on.

As parents, employees, entrepreneurs- we assume the role of responsibility.

Quite often, givers form their ego and identity around “giving” so strong, that they have an inhibition to seek help or be open about rough times in their lives due to shame or ego or pride.

Givers are quite often seeking validation and recognition from you, through their giving.

If you find someone always giving – stop them instead of taking their giving for granted..🔴

Here are some of the symptoms of givers👇

🔴 A mum who is always offering help

🔴 A dad who struggles to say NO

🔴 A professional who works late for the fear of being not efficient

🔴 A child who agrees to do anything for parents, friends or siblings, though burdened by their expectations

If you see or observe above behaviours, and still not saying or calling it out, you are responsible when they cannot seek help and isolate themselves.

And for the givers, “Make hay while the sun shines”

Form some no ego and emotionally safe networks where you can receive, beyond social networks.

If you believe you are a giver, check your perceptions about love and kindness.

Let go what you don’t need anymore..❤️

Love & Healing,



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