Purpose is an illusion!

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People choose to stay stuck because they do not have purpose.

And they are guided by their coaches to answer one of these 3 overrated questions:

  1. Who do you want to help
  2. What do you want to do/achieve
  3. Why do you want to do what you do

Are you one of them searching for Β “who”, “what” and “why” Β to find your purpose?

πŸ”΄If you are a rescuer, you search for Who

πŸ”΄If you are a giver/doer, you search for What &

πŸ”΄If your limitations are time and space, you search for Why

Now how do you know who you are?

Rescuer :

  1. Strong feelings, emotions and opinions
  2. Ever ready to be comforting, caring, understanding and listening, even without being asked.
  3. Feels deeply for everything all the time. Be it people, animals, trees or objects
  4. Believes in kindness and empathy

Giver/Doer :

  1. No time for yourself
  2. Do not like to be seen idle because it means laziness or inefficiency
  3. Attracts work and busyness wherever you are
  4. Struggles to do what you want/like to do
  5. Believes in Hard work

Limitations of Time & Space:

  1. Believes time is limited and you believe you only have one life or multiple lives
  2. Everything should have a meaning and purpose
  3. Believes in learning & experiences.
  4. Fear of missing out and therefore always running short of time
  5. Constantly compares with others

We all have an element of each and they are not necessarily trauma symptoms, Even a person with no trauma shares the same traits.

Strange is the mind that we all need something to blame and be a victim of, to mask our inabilities or fears.

However, your awareness is the indicator of your personal evolution and you can change this with your free will.

Now observe if you can operate without being a rescuer, giver or without the limitations of time & space.

βœ…Do what interests you

βœ…Do what you know you should be doing, even if it means talking less or doing nothing

βœ…Do what is required to be done whether you like it or not

βœ…Do what you like to do and it does not have to be meaningful.

And if you are waiting for someone to reveal your purpose.. the answer is simple.

That someone is YOU.

MannaΒ πŸ’œ

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