How 48 people took a decision to heal their generational trauma

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Last week, I did a healing session on releasing generational trauma.

The key is in forgiving your past, present and future with understanding rather than forcing yourself to forgive, because we all share the past filled with atrocities, wars and apartheids.

You are just a carrier of memory and you are not the thought. Accept it & Forgive.

That’s the only way to move past beyond past trauma.

However, it is also not uncommon that we as individuals are capable of recreating trauma by choosing to hang on to it and create a forced memory.

You may now ask “How?”

Let us call this individual Johnny.

He experienced abuse and bullying as a child. That made him feel he was powerless and not worthy. So, he took a decision to prove to himself that he is better than anyone else.

Now that is over and Johnny healed himself of the past.

However, he is now living on his own and is afraid of his future. The fear of the unknown and uncertainty.

Like any other individual with or without trauma, he too shares the fear of failure and embarrassment.

Now Johnny has a choice to strategise and face the fears of the unknown or cling to the recreated memories of his past to rely on.

But Johnnys’ mind has to find a reason to hold onto just in case he fails or he feels not recognised.

So, his mind decided to create a loop to stay stuck every time he took the decision to move forward.

Can you see the pattern?

Do you think his mind will allow Johnny to seek help and let go off the past?

It will naturally attract help, that cannot help Johnny.

What am I trying to communicate here?

“Subconscious is a memory. It has a role to play as long as you are not aware”

Once you are aware of it, it is your responsibility to make consistent conscious choices. 

And that is how you raise the consciousness.

-The first step is to become aware through observation
-The second step is to take a decision not to cling to the past
-The third step is to make consistent conscious choices and move forward

Remember, there is time to heal, time to depend and time to take responsibility.

Please do not misdiagnose yourself with trauma and stay stuck in the fear of the future.

Love n Healing


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