You will get there only when you no longer want to get there

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Have you ever experienced a sense of frustration, persevering and holding on to an idea for too long?

Maybe it is about finding a partner or starting a business of your own or trying to succeed in your existing business that no longer seems to work.

While perseverance is a great attribute to your character, it can be your worst enemy and can manifest as stubbornness if you fail to evaluate who you are today and if that is something you still really want.

I was talking to a client, James, who wanted to run a business of his own and leave his current job.

It was James’ dream for as long as he could remember. And that is causing so much grief that he started to believe he was a failure and not worthy.

Another client, Elena, a wellness practitioner, believes she is not a good practitioner because she feels stuck and has not been making any progress over the last few years.

In our conversations, it turns out that what James and Elena really wanted was freedom.

It was their commitment to perseverance and fear of giving up on the dream that was holding them back.

Can you see the importance of why I ask “Is it really what you want?”

Another client of mine, Lena is frustrated that she is not able to find the partner of her dreams who can fulfil her heart’s desires.

And again, when we dig deep, Lena agrees that she wants to focus on herself and find herself again before she gets into another relationship.

James, Elena and Lena share the common thread of perseverance and hold onto an idea that appealed to them years ago but they are not the same people today.

So, what’s the solution?

When you find yourself in a situation that doesn’t seem to change or move forward in spite of your best efforts and intentions – step back and ask yourself “Is this really what I want?”

And once you evaluate and detach yourself from that old idea, you will find new choices and the same old idea may have a new beginning.

It is important to remember at times that “You will only get there when you no longer want to get there”

Think about it and let me know your thoughts.

Love & Healing


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