How do you meet your love needs?

Have you ever wondered how you meet your love needs?

You will be surprised to know how many different ways people behave to meet their love needs.

I am not talking about 5 love languages here. It is about your love needs and your natural state.

And love here includes attention too…

Do you know that people choose their natural state?

Some of the state’s people choose to get that love and attention:

1. Happiness
2. Sadness
3. Kindness
4. Concern and Empathy
5. Criticism
6. Challenging
7. Dominating
8. Sarcasm
9. Causing pain
10. Frustration
11. Giving/ Over giving
12. Doing/Overdoing
13. Not doing/giving at all
14. Complaining and so on…

If you are feeling stuck and constantly find yourself in any of the above states that seem to cause you to worry, ask the following three questions to yourself.

  • How is this state helping me?
  • What am I expecting, by choosing to be in this state?
  • What am I afraid of losing if I am not in this state?

You will be surprised!

Identify your natural state, ask yourself the above 3 questions and let me know what you find.

Love & Healing

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