Is This It? Can’t We Live a Life Without Wanting Something?

Have you ever experienced a lack of desire or lack of interest in life?

And you know deep within you that it’s not depression or lack of motivation.. it is a genuine lack of desire.

No coach, healer, or therapist can help you here without assigning it to some negative energy or a stuck state or a physical condition or a spiritual reason if they didn’t experience that state themselves.

While the whole world is motivating you with distractions of fun, family, kids, grandkids, career, adventures and experiences… there comes a time when you cannot stop asking yourself. is this it?

And that’s not stemming from disappointment or desperation or wanting more meaning..

It’s a genuine need and by this time if you crossed the stage of questioning why and what.. it gets even more complicated.

Maybe you tried motivating yourself to get out of the bed with so-called purpose found through “ ikigai” or taking a break or activating your masculine or feminine energy or taking vitamins to refuel your body and….it happens again when that boost faded.

Sounds familiar??

It’s not boredom though it appears that you couldn’t care less..🧘‍♀️

Here’s the secret to navigating through it..

“Live For the Sake of Living & Choose Your Desires“

Cross the barriers of not asking what you want and take the courage to voice what you want for the sake of wanting it and nothing else.

Yes, you read that right.

It’s not easy to grasp this but at least reflect on it..

Let me know your thoughts 💭

Manna 🙏

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