How to navigate life with inner strength?

Hi all,

At some point in life, we hit a dead end and cannot seem to have a choice or solution.

People whom you trusted and expected to protect you may seem to abandon you or failed you or the job security that you are relying on must be in jeopardy or you may be at crossroads in your relationship and are forced to take a crucial decision that does not seem to create any happiness either for you or others..

To submit may give you comfort because you fear the unknown, independence and responsibility.

In those moments, what do you do?

You can rely on God, Universe, Higher Self or Surrender to the flow of life.

But there is another powerful tool that is hidden right inside you which I call it Inner Strength.

You may start questioning if God exists, why is there so much suffering and if there is a reason for everything, why the universe is failing you?

In those moments, turn inwards instead of outwards and take a decision to rewrite your story.

I clearly remember almost 16 years ago, I was questioning everything. Is this it?

Coming from a religious and spiritual background,, they didn’t seem to offer me any solutions except accepting my Karma and a few reasons to justify why I should suffer.

I had two choices in front of me – Give up or Paint your own canvas.

I had to turn inwards.

My inner strength guided me to paint my canvas with the colours I choose.

That decision changed the course of my life.

Take that decision now. There is no point in looking back.

Look forward to gathering what you have and building brick by brick starting today…

I am not talking about resilience or strategy here.. it takes courage to listen to your inner voice and to act on it.

That is inner strength.

Try it and you will not be disappointed.

Love 🙏


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