What is Narcissism?

Narcissism – Quite often misunderstood because it can be seen hurtful and aggressive. But a narcissist and a rescuer/giver share the same space though one is external and another is internal directed..

Both stem from traumatic experiences.

Now can you imagine a relationship in which one of the partners is a narcissist and the other is a rescuer/giver.

Two perfectly compensating personalities playing to their strengths of demanding and understanding, anger and kindness, disconnect and connect, receiving and giving, loud and soft…

Anxiety, unhealthy attachment style, co dependency, trauma bonding classically define these relationships..

Instead of judgement and criticism towards a narcissist, recognise they need help too without getting carried away by your own narrative.

It takes two to tango 💥

Narcissism stems from suppression/oppression just like anger & sadness.

A narcissist does not seek help just like a rescuer/giver unless the pain is uncomfortable and feel they are on the edge.

Build yourself up whichever side you fall into.. that is real compassion.

I hope the list below throws some light for you to understand a narcissist and a rescuer are not too distinct except how they direct their emotions.

PS: Next month on Let’s Talk Trauma, I am going to address the root cause of Narcissism and how it plays a role in leading to unhealthy relationships.

And please share this with anyone you think this might help.

Manna 🙏

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