Grief is not what you think!!

Have you ever experienced grief?

Grief is an interesting emotion!!

There is love, attachment, loss, guilt, dependency and fear in this emotion.

Unless we equip ourselves to separate these 6, we cannot stop feeling stuck.

Common reasons why we hold onto grief besides love :

1. Who else is there for me to love me? – Fear
2. I don’t know what to do! – Insecurity
3. Releasing grief means releasing them from my heart. Which means I am abandoning them – Attachment
4. How will I survive on my own? – Dependency/Fear
5. I should have spent more time with them or could have done something better – Guilt
6. I don’t know who I am anymore – Lost

These are some of the many reasons ..

Interestingly, these reasons are not very different from someone who is deciding to leave a relationship or just going through a relationship breakdown or losing a dear one or choosing to stay in an abusive relationship..

You don’t have to choose to stay with grief forever because every painful emotion hurts your body & mind equally.

Awareness and self-enquiry is the key to unlocking grief✅

Take charge of your life 💥 and let them also move on in their journeys, either in ether or in this physical world .


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