Do you feel like you’re too broken to be fixed?

Do you feel like you’re ‘too broken to be fixed’?

This is a phrase we hear all the time, and for good reason.

By the time people either find us or are referred to us by a friend or professional, they have usually tried everything from traditional talking therapy to holistic practices in a desperate attempt to rid themselves of feeling the way they do.

Maybe you’ve experienced this yourself…

Often you get temporary relief, but sure enough, after a few days the feelings start to re-emerge and you end up feeling worse because you now wonder why nothing is working for you. So you determine that you are too broken to be fixed.

Well, I’m here today to tell you that’s simply not true. We have guided hundreds of people through our process who ALL felt that way and ALL of them have resolved the trauma and revitalised their lust for life.

Take Joy, she thought after suffering for 50 years that nothing would work for her. She attended the Beyond Trauma – Residential Trauma Recovery Program after watching all the amazing testimonials and thought it sounded too good to be true.

Below is her written and video account of spending 3 days with us.

If you feel that you tried everything, I urge you to reach out and have a no-obligation chat with my team. Find out what is possible today.

To your healing


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