Time to Reconnect and Honour yourself


I had couple of interesting sessions last week and felt compelled to share this message with you this week

because it is Christmas week and more over a time for family and friends.

Many people suffer in silence not just because of lack of love but also waiting to hear that from their loved ones.

Yes, we all make mistakes, we learn by making mistakes and grow out of it but sadly many of us tend to not grow out of the shame or guilt from that experience. Sometimes decades pass by.

So, please take every opportunity this season to say the following three statements to YOURSELF and to YOUR LOVED ONES :

  1. I Love You
  2. I am Sorry
  3. I Forgive You

And take that decision today to say NO when you have to/ want to say NO.

Yes, It matters.

Do not harm yourself because of your inability to say NO or express yourself.

Honour yourself

Say No when you have to say NO.

Lark in her early fifties gave up the thought of pursuing what she loves to do and is burnt out because she searched enough for her purpose and spent years on personal development, healing and therapies to find her mojo.

Feeling stuck.. yes that’s the reason she came to see me few days ago and that’s just

a symptom.

🈺 She never wanted to fit in but did it anyways.

🈺 She does not identify with any social norms, but she did it anyway.

🈺 She is not a woman who prefers dresses and feminine clothes, but she did it


🈺 She does not want to be in a typical family system, but she did it anyway.

And you may be surprised to know what she did instead.. 👇👇

🔴 She created uterus cancer and got her uterus removed because she cannot say

no to her partner for the fear of not being a good wife.

🔴 She chose to make herself look unattractive because she cannot say NO.

🔴 She created pain which is her way of saying NO but that pain is created in her


🔴 And if she didn’t realise she is creating it, she can go further and harm herself

because your body is your best friend and whatever you can’t express or don’t want, it will start shutting down.

Body does not know the pain. It is only acting in your best interest and is very similar to a machine.

Just like your mind, it is listening to your fears and thoughts and is your dedicated  loyal friend.

How are you harming yourself because of your inability to express yourself and say NO?

Observe and Reach out before it’s too late 💜♥

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