The Magic Pill for a brand new start!

Procrastination – Many of you can associate with this term and I am sure you would like to get that magic pill that will stop you from procrastinating.


And here is the Magic Pill that you are after…Brandon, a sales manager for 10 years is struggling to find a job and notorious for procrastination at work and in personal life.


Mary, an aspiring mindfulness coach is struggling with  “I am not enough” syndrome and procrastination.


What is common between Brandon and Mary? 


Feeling stuck and not motivated.


What do they really want?


Brandon : Aeronautical engineer or something to do with human consciouness reaching beyond planet earth.


Mary : Take care of old people in the nursing homes and fitness trainer for the elderly.


No wonder they do not achieve their goals inspite of SMART goals, vision boards, visualisation exercises, affirmations and journals.


And Yes, their feelings of I am not enough are valid and true.


And Yes, you procrastinate as a result.


I was once sailing in that boat too. You are not alone.


Let  2021 resolutions and goals be different. Goal setting is the last thing on your action list.


First, take time and effort to find out what do you really want and what do you love to do, ensure your values represent who you are and  not based on your limiting beliefs, then move towards your goals and tasks.


·       Saying NO becomes easy.

·       Procrastination is no longer a challenge

·       You dont seek external motivation

·       You are not after seeking validation and

·       Fear of failure does not bother you

·       Its OK to be not enough. ( I can never touch my nose with my tongue)

Take time to ask yourself ” What do I want?”

Ask yourself if you are really passionate about what you are trying to achieve.

Best of luck and wish you a great year ahead.

Have courage to be true to yourself.

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