What TAP will you choose to OPEN?


This is for all the women out there who are living in constant guilt and shame because of having an affair and suffering in silence, not knowing how to move forward♥️.

Yes, they do disturb families and emotions. But at the same time, it is a massive indicator of how blindly one is leading a life in the mad rush of doing things and forgetting to live. And failing to understand partner’s needs and be understood – Emotional and Physical. It applies both the ways.

Is it really wrong to have an affair?

I bet the very reason behind that thought is a suppressed emotion that you failed to express.

⚡Perhaps, you always took a back step keeping the needs of others ahead of you OR

⚡You believed enough that you are not good enough and that held you back from being who you are OR ⚡You had to ensure your kids are taken care and you had to choose between two devils and chose the lesser evil OR

⚡ You are torn apart genuinely knowing this relationship is over for you but you care for your partner’s emotions and you are struggling internally OR

⚡ You are a woman who genuinely draws your inspiration from different partners at different  times.

Doesn’t matter whatever is the reason behind. You don’t have to suffer in silence and carry the  burden of guilt.

Have courage to talk and discuss the elephant in the room.

Take that first step and make that choice to empower yourself and everything else will fall in place.

What if we live in a world free from perceptions and accept things as they are and not how we are conditioned to think of them to be?

Judge not lest you be judged ♥️

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