What are you really attached to?


What is True Love? Isn’t it constantly changing as we grow ♥️

Starts with changing nappies and holding hands while learning to walk and strangely also ends with  changing nappies, holding hands while

trying to walk..as strange as it sounds.

It meant holding hands once and later it meant letting go your control and merely watch the journey.

But, when do we fail to stop and realise that true love is in freedom?

When do we stop realising how attached we have become to the roles that we had to play just to meet a specific need for some point of time?

Nature exemplifies true love and yet we separate our human existence from nature with our attachments, fear of losing and the constant need to belong just because we seek validation and approval through belonging.

And do you realise, attachment or the need to be wanted or need to belong stems from memory and is not necessarily true?

As the fruit drops from the branch when ripe, attachment drops from you the moment you are aware and realise your

identity is not dependent on someone or their opinion or their validation.

Is it the branch holding the fruit or fruit hanging on to the branch?

Are you the fruit or the branch?

When do you forget that you only belong to the outside world as much as you belong to yourself?

So the question is do you really need to belong or is it a question of your own self worth and lack of confidence?

Is true love in oneness and knowing that you belong to the oneness without attachment but that oneness is incomplete without you?

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