Elephant in the room Abuse!



Attachment is not necessarily to the person. It is to what you derive or make meaning out of. Are there times when you felt hurt or emotionally distanced because of someone’s deliberate or involuntary response?

Sexual, Physical and Emotional abuse : Elephant in the room And many of you are suffering in silence. This is for all the women who are abused sexually, physically or emotionally:

This is the true story of 2 women. One in her early forties and another in her fifties.

Issue : I do not like intimacy with my partner because he is not clean.

Hidden Fear : If I go too close, people whom I love will hurt me

Facts : Abused and abandoned as a child.

Issue : I am very contented and peaceful but dont have a direction

Hidden Fear : Not being heard

Facts : Abused as a child and no one acted on it when she took courage

to talk to her parents about it. They never spoke to anyone since their childhood and the burden of

keeping that a secret is unimaginable.

🔴 When you feel left out

🔴 When you get annoyed for not being heard

🔴When you get frustrated for not being recognised or acknowledged

🔴 When you get upset for being lazy or not being productive

🔴 When you get upset that someone didn’t give you an eye contact

🔴 When you feel the compelling need to hold it all together

🔴 When you think twice to ask help for the fear of being seen weak or dependent

🔴When you feel overwhelmed with slight changes and minor surprises

🔴When you feel anxious everyday inspite of the routine daily tasks

🔴 When you feel discriminated for your skin colour or how you look

🔴 When someone’s voice makes you feel small and powerless or fearful

🔴 When a simple NO can trigger your ego and make you defensive

🔴 When you cannot sleep for months or years for the fear of being beaten up or


Realise, that is a pattern deeper than you think or you are consciously aware of. It’s not about the subconscious or conscious..that is much deeper than that.

You may be trying hard to hold it all together, to make your marriage work and reacting to your partner’s irrational behaviour.

You must be obsessionally thinking how loving you are and how unloving your partner is inspite of your love, affection and attachment.

Time to let go, heal and start living your life being “YOU” which you must have forgotten.

There is freedom in knowing you are caught in that pattern and releasing that pattern.

All it takes is just one session of 45 – 60 Min.. Take that decision, make your choice and get out of that prison NOW.

Feel the freedom and live being just YOU without any labels of mum, friend, colleague, partner so on….

Trust me it is liberating🦋�

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