Why is Your Why you “WHY”

Every coaching session holds a mirror to see yourself with little more clarity and enables you to reflect deeply.

I would love to share one of the questions that popped up so often last week in the coaching sessions with my clients: “Iam stuck. What do I do now?”

My response : Firstly take time to acknowledge what you achieved and celebrate your wins. Be it grown-up kids, a partner to give you the satisfaction of a relationship or a job that gave you stability and routine.

You may not like it now but you aspired for it a while ago. Stuck state is often a reminder to let you know that you achieved what you wanted a while ago and it is now time to make choices and reset goals.

Instead of looking back and complaining, better strategy is to acknowledge that it was your choice a while ago and now you are ready to make new choices.

Your purpose is in making choices and doing what you love to do. You must have been given a template for life and you followed it. Now you can make your own template to follow.

Start making small changes and stack tiny habits. Have the courage to make choices and wisdom to take decisions 🌼⚡❤️.

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