Manna Abraham

Why is he not committed?

I was talking to a client last week and his challenge was that he couldn’t find a partner for the last 5 years.

When I asked why, he had umpteen reasons and explanations.

Digging deeper, he mentioned that he prefers short-term relationships to long-term. Also, he said they are enjoyable and come with a sense of freedom.

Apparent reasons can be fear of commitment, lack of respect for women or not wanting to lose his freedom or opportunities as an eligible handsome man. Right??

However, a few minutes into the conversation, it turns out that he did not want to be like his father, who curbed his mum’s freedom to be who she wanted to be.

His mum was talented and a kind-hearted woman whom he adored, but he believed she couldn’t live her dream because of his father.

Therefore, he decided not to imprison any woman for a lifetime.

Often, what we perceive as a limitation in others, stems from a deep respect and genuine care.

Give others the benefit of the doubt before concluding and passing judgements.

Perhaps how you judge others is your own judgement about yourself.

Observe your judgements.

Love ❤️

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