Christmas wishes from Manna


Happy Christmas and may the spirit of Christmas be with you throughout.

In the last two weeks, I observed that people are more kind and patient waiting in the long queues in shopping centres and in the busy parking lots.

I found that surprising and in the same breath, heartwarming❤️

It’s that time of the year. A time to wind down, time to celebrate and time to rejoice.

And it may be the opposite for many in these tough times.

Yet, the Christmas message was so well received.

Jesus is not here today to remind us of kindness or peace. Yet, we unconsciously settle into that space around this time.

If something goes wrong, we hear people say,  “It is Christmas time, let it go”.

What made that possible?

And what stops us from continuing to live with this spirit always?

And as I was reflecting, these are the 3 thoughts that stayed with me:

1. Jesus was not materially rich to help the poor & needy.

2. He did not think “who am I to teach?”. Instead, he was humble enough to trust the unseen, unknown and say “I am the son of God”.

3. He remained his authentic self throughout, in spite of all the odds and people followed him.

When you feel you are not good enough or tested by your values or fear for your survival, let His life guide you.

He never claimed to be a God nor was he rich, yet his birth is celebrated even in his absence to date.

Let every birth on this planet earth be a message of peace and self-discovery.

Enjoy your holiday season and step into the new year with a deeper connection with yourself and everything around you.

With Love ❤️

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