NIJA !! – How costly is your ego? Deep Conversations, Deeper Connections

It amazes me to think how quickly this year has gone by.

I was reflecting and in the same breath thinking what next?

I am not the Manna who I was yesterday or the day before. And my mental landscape is constantly changing and evolving.

So I thought of giving you an update and sharing with you where my journey is heading towards, starting 01 Jan 2022.

I started the listening post and the goal post in Mar 2020 as free platforms to listen to each other with no judgments and expectations, and to support each other by holding each other accountable when we were all hit by COVID.

These two platforms transformed into a worldwide network of friends/like-minded people supporting each other every week and exploring concepts beyond reach and out of the ordinary.

More than 84 weeks of conversations twice a week and we all came together with open hearts and open minds. That is almost 336 hours of conversations and life we shared together.

It’s now time for me to move beyond these two platforms and delve deeper into myself with contemplation and reflection.

At times, I experience this intense calling to be quiet and the experience is beyond words in that stillness.

And I have now decided  to create a space for myself and others who are on this journey/quest to have these deeper conversations in silence while we collectively grow together..

This is a space to “ground yourself” and for “structured self-inquiry”, discovering yourself every month throughout the year.

Decided to call this new space “NIJA”, which means “Innate” in Sanskrit.

Starting 04 Jan 2022, first Tuesday of every month from 05.30 to 07.30 PM and we catch up in person and online via zoom.


If this interests you, let me know and I am happy to share further details.

Some changes to note going forward:

💜This week’s goal post is the last session while we continue to remain accountable via messenger group.

💜The entrepreneur secrets series continues on the first Wednesday of every month.

💜Next Friday is the last listening post that I will be facilitating. Love to see you there if you can join. It will be fun to recap 2021 and think about 2022.


Thank you for amazing memories, intelligent conversations and great friendship..🙏

We will stay in touch through the art of self-discovery group and many other things that are in the pipeline.

Cheers for another new beginning, “Nija”

With Love ❤️


PS : The Art of Self Discovery is a concept designed for personal evolution through self-awareness. If you haven’t joined the Facebook group yet, make sure to join today  “Art of Self-discovery”

As you know, my gift is to heal any trauma in 45 minutes and altogether 3 – 6 sessions for your personal breakthrough.

Only when you are ready and when you are serious enough to have a chat with me,  feel free to book a time here.

Let us evolve together

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