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Annual Catchup 2021 – What do you see?

We just celebrated the year 2021 and thank you for being a part of this journey.

It has been momentous to see precious gems coming together and sharing an evening.

It felt as though the venue was loaded with goodness and kindness.

Looking at the pictures, I couldn’t stop thinking how diverse and vivid we all are, yet there for each other with an open heart and a beautiful mind.

Age, gender, culture, race, colour, language, world without borders: sounded like a mere label.

And I saw my vision come to fruition in just these two pictures.

💥Age, race, religion, skin color or gender- Does it matter where the mind is ignited and the heart is pure?

💥 What you do and the beliefs that drive you- Does that matter for us to come together, live and let others live?

“Australia, India, England, Hungary, Germany, Northern Ireland, Italy, Greece, Canada, Africa, North & South America & China are represented in the picture below”

💥 Men, women, young men & women, elderly & kids  in one picture.

💥 A woman supported by men & women equally in one picture.

💥 A man supported by men & women equally in one picture.

What else to ask for?

🪃This is a perfect representation of “My World” 🙏

Whether your pursuit is to dive through your inner world and become an evolved individual or a successful coach or a mindful entrepreneur, here is the platform for you to learn, connect and grow.

🎤This says it all🎤

“The differences you see outside are the differences you see in yourself”

Thank YOU for being part of “My World”.

With Love ❤️

ps: Here is the summary of what happened in the last 12 months


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Let us evolve together

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