Guess who turned 40 last week!! One lesson I learnt from 4 decades of life

I celebrated my 40th birthday last Sunday and felt very different (in a good way) this year.

Thank you for all your love and birthday wishes ❤️

I couldn’t ask for more and I couldn’t be more grateful for everything and everyone who has been kind to me and those that I perceived as an obstacle, bad experience or a hindrance along my journey.

If not for those hindrances and obstacles, I could never have become who I am.

In fact, obstacles, bad experiences, bad people, departures and separations – everything is to steer you to be and become who you are capable of being and becoming.

The job redundancy, separation, tough times, bad boss or gossiping colleagues – they are your Angels steering you to become who you are capable of becoming.​​​​​​​

What if they are given those roles to play so that you can realise your inner strength and become self-sufficient?

Would you still be upset and annoyed at them?

If you can find goodness in everything, goodness will find you.

Many times, we wonder how to solve a problem.

But the truth is, if you can find the good in everything, the problem will not arise at all.

Perhaps it is just a step that you climb on and leave it behind as you climb the next step.

I hereby declare that I am grateful to all people, my past experiences, good and bad, for making me who I am today.

Because I now know you played your role in me finding me.


With Love ❤️

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