Is it easier for men to give up control than women?


I met an amazing person last week.

Didn’t realise how three hours passed by and I had to leave reluctantly.

An engineer by profession and passionate about many other things in life with very deep knowledge.

However, he reckons he is on the first rung of the ladder.

What is so unique about him and why am I sharing it here?🦋🎈

He decided to give it all away, including his home and car for free and live in the community, devoting his life to community service.

I asked him his reasons and about his purpose.

His response was this question to me:

❓What do you choose to believe in?

🍀And he said,  Choose your belief and go after it. Whatever works for you.

His choice and decision is to believe in Krishna, be a vegetarian and he wants to be born as a human again for true liberation, even after a million years.

You can choose to make things happen or allow things to happen.

His choice: Submit and allow things to happen.

That left me with a question: Are men more spiritual and less controlling than women?🤔

Let me know your thoughts and views.

Will share few more thoughts about men and women in the coming blogs too.



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