What matters more than happiness?

Have you ever experienced this stage in your life?

“Emptiness and questioning what next?”

Everyone experiences this at some stage, including youngsters.

We label this as depression or lack of motivation and are trained to find or assign tasks that are interesting.

However, what if this space is an opportunity created for you to question who you really are?

An opportunity to see through the template that you are following and ask yourself the following 👇

❓Is this what I really want?

❓Is this who I am?

❓What am I missing feeling this emptiness?

Distracting yourself with another thing to do or going back to do what you always wanted to do just because you are experiencing a lack of purpose is not the solution.

Deep enquiry is the solution. I know it’s not easy to digest or may sound too hazy and vague.

But, take a moment when you feel purposeless and empty and ask the above three questions.

Have the courage to stay with those three questions with patience instead of filling your time with busyness as you always did to avoid being alone or in silence.

There is bliss and joy in that emptiness which you can only find when you experience it.

And to experience it, stay with it.

“Silence is not empty. It is full of answers.”



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