Relationships : Breakthrough or Break away?


I just finished a personal evolution retreat working with some awesome women and came back home.  I will fill you in shortly.

As you must have noticed, what I share here are my weekly conversations that I find interesting and insightful.

Last night after reaching home from the retreat, I was talking to a client and she mentioned that she had an argument with her father. And that made her wonder why her father still love her in spite of all the arguments?

And in the same breath, she talked about her ex-partner who decided to leave the relationship for very silly reasons and misunderstanding.

That got me thinking.

What’s the difference? Blood relation?

If that is true, all other parents and kids should have good relationships too…

And what about partners who are not married but enjoy great relationships?

Will it make a difference if they are married rather than staying in a committed relationship minus marriage?

Hmm,,,,,truth is …

It doesn’t matter whether you are a parent or a partner,  whether married or not married.

The difference is in the choices you make.

It is normal to expect unconditional love in relationships. However, every relationship is an exchange of value. Period.

Just like a career choice.

If you believe otherwise, time to change your perception.

And here are the top five contributors for making or breaking a relationship👇

1. Priorities: Are you a priority to each other?

2. Commitment: Are you committed to each other to make it work?

3. Value: What value or contribution are you adding to the relationship?

4. Reward: What’s in it for me?

5. Inner strength: Do you have the courage to face the challenge while supporting each other?

If you can honestly answer the above, the outcomes are obvious.

Some people will make a choice to break through the problem by staying together and some break away from the relationship to avoid the problem..

And in the end, that’s a journey in itself.🚞

What do you think? Let me know what your thoughts are.


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