Why do you foster Trauma? Why do you foster Trauma? – Trauma is not your fault

Last week, I happened to talk to the person who abused me in my childhood… I loved him as a child and yet …. Why did that happen?

Didn’t have an answer.

If that happened to me, what about many other girls and boys out there who are less privileged or do not have independent thinking or no one to trust?

It hit me with a sudden realisation about how vulnerable that young girl was in her own home growing up made me sad. ( yes,that little girl in a white frock was me with my brother ❤️)

Anything could have happened but fortunately, it didn’t go that far 🙏.

I respect my abuser for who he is and forgive him for his mistake 💚 .

It’s not my fault and not his fault either.

He must have regretted or was guilty. I don’t know. 🤷‍♀️

Perhaps, the easiest solution could be to be the victim of karma .

But I decided the other way round. I am not the victim. Stuff happens and it heals too.

The only choice I had was to burn to ashes or rise like a Phoenix. I chose the latter. 🦋

Nothing in me remained the same and I don’t look the same either. These pictures just revealed that to me.

So who am I?

Why am I fostering a memory?

In the last few weeks, I have been talking to women and men from all walks of life who either experienced or are experiencing trauma, abuse or abandonment.

Abuse is not just physical, but emotional too.

Time for you to let go. It’s not your fault.

Don’t wait till the memory hits you hard. Resolve it and stop it from spreading to your next generation.

Even if you lose everything, you can rebuild it all from nothing.

Have courage and step up❤️


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