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Why relationships fail?

The third wheel in a relationship can also be a new found passion or a project                                                                                                                                 Relationships built on hope and longevity tend to fail:

🔴 when the partners take each other for granted

🔴 unmet desires

🔴 failing to meet expectations

🔴 lack of communication

🔴 forgetting self-care

They can also fail as the partners outgrow each other and one is stuck while the other is in growth mindset.

Or when the physical and emotional needs are not met.

One comes before the other for different people in many different ways.

And many times, the third wheel in a relationship can also be a new found passion or a project and not necessarily a person.

So, how do we strike a balance and acknowledge our own needs while not hurting the other?

How can we navigate these rough waters when one partner drifted away silently long ago while the other is busy in their busyness of life and their own goals or because of their own insecurities or drive to have a social standing?

What if I was a doctor who is now pursuing art?

Should I continue to be a doctor hating it or should I spend time with canvas and colours pursuing what makes me happy and aligned?

Is it not okay to change with the ebbs and tides of life?

How will commitments and kids change this dynamic?

Should one suffer in silence for kids or

empower the kids by being transparent and letting them know change and growth are inevitable?

How far is too far and how much one should compromise?

Unanimous consent :

✅ Draw the sand in line and be complete with previous relationships when you decided to move on

✅Focus on self and know who you are and your values.

✅Stay aligned and rest will fall in place

✅ Men and women suffer equally. Have empathy

Look forward to see you on 19 Nov – Resilience or Self Reliance?



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