How I discovered that to be purposeless is the only purpose?

A lot has been happening in my life and the last few weeks have been very reflective, transformative and purpose-shedding.

There was a time when my WHY was driving me.

Purpose and meaning seemed infinite and omnipresent.

And every time I believed my purpose was over, I moved away and found another one.

But, how long is this chase going to be? How often should I go down the rabbit hole to realise there is another purpose beyond the current purpose?

And an amazing conversation with a good friend of mine opened up another new dimension. Let us call him Friend and the conversation went like this :

Me: What is the purpose and meaning of life?
Friend: Is there a purpose and meaning?

Me: I think so
Friend: Meaning and Purpose is the quest of your ego.

Me: So, is there a purpose and meaning?
Friend: Perhaps not. You set your own purpose and goals. Exercise your will and choice.

Me: How?
Friend: Your brain is just a signal receiver. And as long as you think, it will receive and emit signals.

Me: Will it ever stop?
Friend: Yes. It will come when you stop thinking.

Me: How will I stop thinking?
Friend: You can never stop thinking. As long as you want, you will think and as long as you think, you will have to work.

Me: Are you suggesting I should not be working?
Friend: No. You can neither stop working nor thinking as long as there is a want.

Me: How can I not want anything?
Friend: Forget the “I” and realise individuality is indivisibility(oneness)

Me: So, you are suggesting, when you don’t have a want, there is no thought?
Friend: Yes, thought is a matter because it arises out of physical desire and matter has properties.

Me: So?
Friend: When there is a property, there are rules.

Me: So?
Friend:  When there is no thought, the brain will start to receive signals from the environment beyond you.

Me: Should I stay still?
Friend: You cannot stay still. Don’t fight against the thought. Thought is an outcome.

Me: What are you suggesting?
Friend: I am not suggesting because I don’t know.

Me: So where are we heading with this conversation?

Friend: You are a fragment and you are in a frame. How can a fragment ever see the whole?

Me: So, how can I see the “whole”?
Friend: You cannot. So stop trying to understand.

Me: So what is this enlightenment business?
Friend: That is another limited thought. There is magic when the brain receives signals from the environment beyond you. But how does that matter to you? How do you know that is not another frame?

Me: Mmm,, I got it.. Save the rest for another time.
Friend: OK, live life on your terms.

That’s the end of our conversation.

Let me know what you think and would love to hear your views and insights.


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