How To Unlock Your Healing Power? Coaching is not the solution. Healing is.

This week was particularly interesting to me and I was questioning my purpose.

I was asking myself, “What is my drive and motivation?”.

As I was reflecting, I realised healing is my gift. Yes, I heal trauma, obsession, anxiety and depression.

I am not a coach. I am not reiki or pranic healer and neither a trainer. But I thought so.

I realised I am a “Healer”.

I was running away from this word and it finally got me. It resonated with me 200%.

I don’t give band-aid solutions. Neither do I teach/train mindfulness or resilience.

And I am the last person to ask you to fight against the thought or the mind.

And I don’t see anyone as my client. We are one family.

If you are feeling the need to be more resilient and more mindful, stop and ask yourself Why?

Chances are you are getting triggered easily and involuntarily.

Why do you get triggered so easily and why are you so anxious?

Unresolved issues lying dormant but never addressed.

We underestimate Trauma and believe there is no Trauma unless it is a major catastrophe or a disaster or an accident.

But the truth is Trauma is a stored memory- Period.

As simple as not getting a hug as a child just once, can lead to major isolation triggers and that’s Trauma too.

Resilience and Mindfulness are not long-lasting solutions. Suppression and painkillers are not the solutions and we cannot be ambulance service providers.

Resolve the root cause and heal yourself ❤️.

Coaching is not the solution. Healing is.


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