My experience with Antidepressants – Think twice before taking antidepressants


Do you know that antide”press”ants are not the solution for resolving depression?

Depression is not a disease. It is a state of mind.

When the fears creep up, when the unknown haunts you and challenges that you thought were driving you, have been accomplished-your mind experiences a certain state of dullness.

It is almost a fog that blinds your vision.

Be it a midlife crisis, pre and post-natal depression or even after a huge win or accomplishment, depression is the natural state of change before the next high..

Some get stuck and some ease through the dip.

One of my clients, Beth, when I met her for the first time, mentioned that she was on antidepressants.

And during the very first session, it became obvious that loneliness and lack of self-belief drove her to become extremely dependent on the family for support.

And her identity as a third child in the family was to take instructions and get it done.

Is she not efficient?  Not true at all. She is very efficient.

Then, what is depressing her?

It is her pattern to wait for instructions and encouragement to get things done and when she is lacking it from her partner, she believes she is not good enough and is inefficient.

I hope this explains the reason for her depression.

When I helped her to resolve her underlying patterns, she was no longer a depressed child living in an adult woman’s body.

She is now motivated by a purpose rather than instructions and encouragement from the family or partner or kids.

And she now slowly eased out of anti-depressants and is leading a clean life free of prescribed drugs.

Reach out for help to resolve your patterns as the first step instead of prescribed drugs as the first point of call,


If anyone you know, including you, is suffering from depression or is on anti-depressants, please do let them know they are only a few hours away from leading a depression-free life and you do not have to suffer for months or years.

Trauma can be resolved in an hour, so why can’t we overcome depression?

Feel free to book a chat or share this link with anyone you know who is suffering from depression.

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